GTA DLC, give it some TLC

More GTA goodness coming out of Rockstar today. Remember how a few months back we told you about the second downloadable episode of GTA4, The Ballad Of Gay Tony?

To follow up on that story, Rockstar have released a couple of (pretty rubbish) pics (with two being cover art), but most interestingly have also announced that the first official trailer for the game will be released on Tuesday 1 September.

Fingers crossed it’s going to be as flamboyant and discotastic as it looks when it eventually comes out (another thing they’ve kept from us), but you can be almost 100% certain that there will be some sort of sky diving shenanigans, don't ask us how we know that, though. Hopefully once the trailer comes out there will be more. Check out the link below for the pics.

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