The latest GTA 5 rumours

Rockstar games have released a few epic games, including the Red Dead series, L.A Noire, the Grand Theft Auto series, the Midnight Club series and many more impressive titles. Fans of the Grand Theft Auto series have been treated to a teaser trailer for the 15th(ish) game of the series, GTA 5.

GTA 4 was the first of the series to be released on the seventh generation consoles and a lot was expected from the game. Rockstar certainly did not disappoint and now there is pressure on them to make GTA 5 bigger, better and more impressive than GTA 4, which is no easy task.

In 2008 GrandTheft Auto 4 broke all sorts of records. On its release day it sold over 3.6 million copies and it has sold well over 22 million copies so far. Rockstar are not saying a lot about GTA 5 other than releasing the teaser trailer. Here are a few rumours going around about what to expect from GTA 5...

  • The city is expected to be huge. Some people have stated that it will be around 4 times as big as Liberty City
  • There will be cameos from previous Grand Theft Auto characters
  • You can make home made weapons
  • Cars can be upgraded and repaired
  • You will have to keep an eye on fuel levels and have to top up the car from time to time. So make sure if you are running from the police, you have enough fuel!
  • The police will be much more realistic. There are riot squads and dog units
  • There are rumours that there will be three playable characters
  • There are four endings, two good and two bad depending on decisions you make throughout the game
  • Gang turf wars will make a return
  • The city will be much more busy with a huge rise of non-player characters

The release date has been rumoured to be 24 May. This date has been assumed from the trailer through looking at writing on the pavement and songs. Could it be the real date or are people clutching at straws? Probably the latter.

When there are big game releases there are often rumours flying around about release dates, content and gameplay. Take everything you see or hear about GTA 5 with a pinch of salt, unless it comes from them. Many of these rumours are probably untrue; some of them may be true but in our books it’s better to be surprised by a game!

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