Purchasing a Grundig car radio

Grundig car radio

There are a number of stockists across the world stocking grundig car radio and radio equipment. The majority of them will have a large stock and models to suit all budgets, and tastes. Some places such as Halfords will also be able to offer a free installation service for customers.


Amazon offer a selection of grundig car radios and their components, should you only need to replace a cable or a speaker for instance. Prices start at around £69 and vary depending on what you are looking for. they don't have a huge selection at the moment but it is worth checking thw site regulary to see what the latest products and offers available are.

Componets such as speakers start around £35 and vary on that again depending on the size that you are looking for. They also stock replacement cable and radio shells, so if you need to replace any of the components you can with relative ease.


As always eBay has a selection of items that will appeal to Grundig car radio fans. A quick scan of the search results shows that they have radios dating back years as well as new ones, so if your looking for a collectors piece you might be able to find one.

They also run sales on items non as spares and repairs. These items may be damaged or missing components such as cables, or an element that doesn't work. If you know your way around car radios it might be an idea buying one of these and repairing it.

Buying used goods from eBay does run the risk of ending up with a product that won't work, but 99% of the time this is not the case.


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