Groundbreaking House of Cards video from Radiohead

Radiohead have released a groundbreaking new video for the song 'House of Cards' off their album 'In Rainbows'. According to a post on the Google Code site, no cameras or lights were used to create the images.

Instead the data was captured by Geometric Informatics and Velodyne LIDAR which render 3D images via laser technology. The images in the video were captured using 64 lasers, rotating 360 degrees at 900 revolutions per minute.

While that may sound a tad too complex for an early morning brain to compute, you can always check out the obligatory 'making of' video below. If you can't be bothered looking at that just check out the results of the video, they are very impressive. Radiohead have again shown that they are not afraid to experiment.

Radiohead - House of Cards

The Making-of "House of Cards"

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