Greenpeace gives two cheers for new Mac laptop

Greenpeace has praised Apple for its consideration of green issues in the construction of its new super-thin laptop, the MacBook Air. On one of its UK blogs the campaign group said that by being built without mercury or arsenic the laptop “raises the bar for the rest of the industry”, but said there was more work to be done on eliminating other chemicals. The organisation’s “green my Apple” campaign has targeted the company’s manufacturing processes, particularly its takeback of iPods.

Greenpeace’s most recent report on consumer electronics had tentative praise for Apple but said it needed to do better – it ranked below major rivals like Sony, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Fujitsu Siemens and Toshiba (just about all of them, then).

It’s good to see Apple taking notice of its environmental performance – after all, can anyone doubt that tree-hugging and Mac-using are very closely correlated?

(Image: from Capitan Giona’s flickr stream)

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