Greenpeace gives Nintendo green thumbs-down

Greenpeace has updated its quarterly Guide to Greener Electronics to include makers of games consoles and TVs, and the news isn’t good for Nintendo. The company became the first ever to score 0/10 in Greenpeace’s guide, which also covers mobile phone and PC manufacturers. Microsoft’s XBox also performed pretty poorly.

The survey looks at manufacturers’ use of toxic chemicals – a big problem in all electronics manufacture and their worldwide takeback programmes – which is where past leader Nokia fell down this time and left the number 1 spot open for Sony Ericsson. Greenpeace did a little hidden-camera-mystery-shopper snooping, and concluded that “Nokia and Motorola have each had a penalty point deducted after we found their claims of global takeback were not being matched by actual practice”.

We’re all for it – and we have to admit that the prospect of turning up at a shop and demanding they take back all the electrical junk in our spare room is very appealing…

(Image: from futureatlas.com’s flickr stream)

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