Greenpeace: games consoles are harming the environment

Not only are video games the root of all evil in the world, it now seems that the world's most popular consoles are harming the environment. Greenpeace claim that the tree huggers over at Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are not pulling their weight in the environmental stakes.

Greenpeace examined the components used in the Sony PlayStation 3, the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo came out bottom of the pile with Greenpeace describing the Japanese multinational's environmental policies as "non-existent".

The study found that all three consoles contain different levels of the toxic element bromine while the PS3 and 360 both contain very high levels of the toxic chemicals phthalates and beryllium. Greenpeace has called on all technology firms to take steps to eliminate all toxic chemicals from products.

With the United Nations Environment Programme finding that 50 tonnes of dangerous e-waste is generated each year Greenpeace has underlined the fact that there is no "safe" way to get rid of old consoles and has called for manufacturers to provide recycling facilities.

Another suggestion would be to just not throw away old consoles full stop. Put them on Freecycle. There is always someone out there looking for a nostalgic dose of vintage gaming.

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