Green technology

Going green is good for business. All of the papers say it. So it must be true. As guilt levels and the number of SUV owners steadily grow, consumers are demanding everything to be ecofriendly (even bluetack is set to be replaced by greentack!).

This explains why car ads have given up on the Jeremy Clarkson with a speed chubby approach and adopted a more soothing, we're here to save the trees tone.

About time too. Because, by our rough and non scientific estimates, the sun (that's the  star at the centre of the solar system and not the world's most popular daily English-language newspaper), will die in 38,874 years and 46,465 days if we don't stop using roll-on deodorant. Well not really.

But the electronics industry has been working hard to take on board the environmental concerns of its customers. This has led to the production of more energy efficient products.

Boffin Douglas Johnson, from the Consumer Electronics Association of America, notes that "Manufacturers and the consumer electronics industry have made considerable environmental strides with their commitment to voluntary agreements, which already have saved billions of kilowatt hours of electricity and reduced carbon emissions by millions of tons."

Better late than never chaps.

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