Green light for hundreds of new web address suffixes

Have you ever wanted to personalise your website address just that little bit more? Have you ever wanted your suffix to transcend the generic .com and reflect the essence of what your site is about just that tiny touch more? Well good news. 2013 is the year of internet address expansion and yet more layers will be added to the rainbow panoply of cyberspace.

The curators of internet addresses, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, ICANN, have given the green light for hundreds of new web address suffixes. This will be the largest growth of Internet addresses since the 1980s and potentially alter the way people see website names.

As it stands, there are 240 billion different online addresses registered, but they all end in a limited number of generic suffixes - country codes such as .ca, .us or .eu. and global ones like .com, .net, .info, and .org.

Suddenly, there will be a whole host more to choose from including .vegas, .music .BBC, .Sex, .beer and .app.

Not only will this prove a fascinating opportunity for people to personalise their web addresses further, but will doubtless lead to a huge flurry of buying in cyberspace. But while the fact that people with new or existing websites will be able to tailor their sites to their subject matter is indubitably a positive thing, there are alarm bells ringing too.

If you have already bought up all the existing incarnations of your site name, surely the idea that an opportunist could buy up your site name with one of the new suffixes seems both unjust and a matter for concern. As does attempting to buy up hundreds of new domain names. Well luckily there is protection against such eventualities on offer. Companies like http://www.uniteddomains.com/ are offering consolidation of all the new suffixes into one simple changeover package. With web presence so critically important in the modern marketplace and brand association so vital, securing your online presence seems like a very sensible move.

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