Solar Alarm Clock—an Award Winning Green Alarm Clock

The Solar Alarm Clock is an ultra-modern,funky and stylish alarm clock that greatly appeals to environmentally conscious people. The eco-friendly alarm clock is designed to address the problem of environmental pollution and it meets its goal with impressive effectiveness.

In an age where human action has led to worrying levels of environmental degradation, many people agree the German-made green alarm clock couldn’t have come at a better time. The Solar Alarm Clock is the recipient of the internationally recognised Blue Angel environment label, the prestigious first and oldest environment-related label for products and services in the world.

The label recognises positive environmental features of products and services on a voluntary basis. The solar clock is also the first German product to receive the Blue Angel environment label and for good reason too.


The solar alarm clock features an amorphous solar module that powers a long life rechargeable battery. When fully charged,the rechargeable battery can run the clock for at least one year without light! You won’t be dependent on electrical power or battery cells to operate your alarm clock any more with the solar alarm clock.

The clock also features a radio control module that automatically receives and updates the precise local time to the second several times a day. This means you won’t need to adjust the time periodically because the clock has gone back or forward like it happens with normal models of bedside clocks.

Moreover, the Solar Alarm Clock includes a snooze function that sets the alarm off at five minute intervals until deactivated.  Simply press a large orange button on the side of the clock to activate or deactivate the alarm system. An orange light appears on the clock’s face to indicate when the alarm is activated.

Bottom Line

The solar alarm clock is a multi-functional, eco-friendly timepiece that is ideal for both bedside use and travelling use. Sold with a three years manufacturers guarantee at leading online stores such as Thesolarcentre.co.uk, the green alarm clock will help protect the environment and keep you on time no matter where you are.

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