A brand new graphics card

The graphics card is ever changing and so are the games, in fact the games are constantly pushing PC gamers to update. While a lot of people think that PC gaming is dying the creators of Battlefield 3 beg to disagree. In fact, they are trying to pump some life blood back into PC gaming with one of the best looking games ever created.

The fear that gamers are having with games like BF3 is that they will not be able to run them. Ironically by making a game that is so graphically superior to console games they may have yet again forced a large portion of PC gamers into a corner. A lot of people simply can't fork out the cash for a high end gaming PC that will no doubt be unusable within two years.

When you are looking to run the best you may as well buy the best. The GeForce GTX 570 is an absolute beast of an offering from Nvidia.This graphics card is ready to go out of the box with Direct X 11 and it is SLI compatible. SLI basically means you can throw multiple graphics cards together for increased performance.

This graphics card can pump out a massive 2560x1600 resolution giving you some of the crispest and sharpest images to date. It is 3D ready and has over a 1028MB GDDR5 memory to help keep everything running like butter.

This card has everything you would want to run a game like BF3 at full spec with ease. Of course you will need the processor and ram to back it up. For more indepth details you can check out all the tech specs on the nvidia.com website.

We found this graphics card on amazon.co.uk for under £300 which is an incredible price for such a great graphics card.

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