Grand Theft Auto V is UK's biggest selling entertainment product of 2013

This news shows just how far computer gaming has come in the past few years. We’re used to seeing lines of gamers queue for the latest release and we’ve become used to the TV adverts showcasing the latest games, but the news that sales of Grand Theft Auto V have outstripped sales of all other formats of entertainment including movies and music was unexpected.

In 2013, major movies like the much anticipated Bond movie Skyfall and albums that always sell extremely well like the Now That’s What I Call Music series, had to play second-fiddle to GTA 5. Of the top 20 entertainment products in 2013, there were 13 movies, 2 albums and just 5 video games, but stats from the Entertainment Retailer’s Association show that the latest GTA game made 3.7 million sales in the UK last year.

The latest instalment of the popular franchise only went on sale in September so it picked up an average of 925,000 sales per month through to December. It was critically successful with the press praising its gameplay and of course there were millions queuing on its day of release to get their midnight fix of the latest Grand Theft Auto game.

The fanatical behaviour that games produce meant that sale of the new game topped £500million across the world within the first 24 hours of its release. The GTA game went on to become the fastest entertainment product to gross £1billion, taking the record from Hollywood blockbusters and major albums that can no longer compete for sales with video games.

Perhaps one reason for the surge in gaming sales is that there is no other way of getting access to a video game than purchasing it. With movies and music there is always a free-to-air choice if you can wait long enough. That said, we all knew this day would come and we expect this sort of announcement to become commonplace over the next few years as developers continue to make great games.

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