Grand Theft Auto IV released tomorow

Forget December 25th. Christmas for gamers this year comes tomorrow, the 29th of April, with the long anticipated release of Rockstar Games latest in the long line of Grand Theft Auto titles: GTA IV.

The plot of GTA IV follows Niko Bellic, a veteran of the Balkan wars, who arrives in Liberty City looking to grab his own part of the American dream. You're going to spending more time with him than any of your loved ones over the next few months, so there's an introductory video down below if you want to get acquainted.

Going by the reviews so far, GTA IV lives up to the hype and then some. Both the New York Times and Eurogamer have given GTA IV top marks and have got our thumbs itching in anticipation of tomorrow.

According to The Guardian the game's release also has Hollywood suits quaking in their boots. GTA IV is expected to sell 6m copies in the first week of its release, smashing break previous sales records and denting the profits of a number of Hollywood blockbusters (boo hoo).

Here at DigitalEdge towers we've stockpiled enough Pringles and Coke to last at least two months and told Miss Moneypenny to hold all calls in anticipation of our copy of GTA IV arriving tomorrow. Let the games begin.

Meet Niko Bellic

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