Grand Theft Auto hacked onto Google Glass

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With Grand Theft Auto 5 tearing through records to amass $1 billion in its first three days and selling 2.25 million copies in the UK alone in it’s first week, hackers, developers and programmers are looking at ways to wring new angles out of the gaming phenomenon. Android developer Mike DiGiovanni is one man who has come up with an intriguing spin on the GTA experience – running it through Google Glass.

Google Glass is of course still very much in a prolonged test phase, but that didn’t stop Mike harnessing it’s potential to expand the possibilities of playing GTA. Capturing its’ in game interface and beaming it to the Google eyepiece in real time, he has managed to use Glass as a secondary screen to play the game, and in doing so, has opened up a world of possibility.

Before we get too carried away, he hasn’t managed to make it work with GTA 5, or even GTA 4. No, Mike had to rewind the iterations all the way back to the 2001 version - GTA 3.


But with Google giving very little away in terms of development tools and templates for Glass, Mike had to improvise the best he could. Using a PC rather than a gaming console, he built an app to transmit the portion of the primary screen where the GTA GPS unit is displayed and beam it to the Glass unit. Meanwhile, on the eyepiece itself, a modified version of Android SDK harnesses the signals being sent over the wifi network to reconstruct them before the eye of the gamer.

The uptake of wearables like Glass by game developers is still very much theoretical and any fully functioning practical applications are still a way off, but Mr DiGiovanni, apart from nailing down an interesting hack, has demonstrated the practical potential of using Glass to play games.


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