Grand Theft Auto 5 Review

Grand Theft Auto is a gaming institution and is one of the biggest selling video game franchise ever. The latest release, Grand Theft Auto 5, we review to give you an insight into the latest batch of characters that tear up a whole newly rendered world. Unleash your imagination as you take a spin around the latest release from Scottish developers Rockstar.

Who and Where?

Grand Theft Auto V is the gaming equivalent of the summers biggest Hollywood blockbuster. Since its big release on September 17th, Grand Theft Auto 5 review after review has been released beaming about the quality on show. Grand Theft Auto has always oozed quality and innovation since its inception and each new release pushes the boundaries even further.

Set in San Andreas, which GTA fans will remember touring back in 2004 as CJ Johnson, you can choose between 3 different characters, Michael, Franklin and Trevor, to wreak havoc on the streets and highways of San Andreas. Michael is a 40-something con-man with a family that make for an unflattering reflection on the modern American family. Franklin is a young man from the hood in Los Santos and Trevor is an eccentric maniac that provides a lot of comic relief as well as a lot of violence.

The story unfolds in such a way that you switch between characters depending on the mission at hand and the 3 characters begin a journey together that sees them become very close. This is also Rockstar's genius way of ensuring that you get to experience even more action than in previous GTA iterations where you often had to drive a long, long way just to get to a missions start point. San Andreas looks visually stunning throughout and this game offers a lot of fun missions as part of the main story.


Big Game Improvements

Compared to Grand Theft Auto IV, the shooting and driving aspects of the game have become a lot better and shoot outs are extremely fun without the frustration that often occured in GTA IV. Cars handle a lot better in high speed chases so you have a smoother drive as you try to outrun or catch up to another car in a chase.

Mobile phones have also become a bigger part of the GTA world in this edition too and you now have a camera phone that even allows you to take selfies. The outcome of this Grand Theft Auto 5 review is no different than any other you will read: it's an outstanding game, that well deserves 5 stars... so get out and buy it now!


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