Have fun with a graffiti creator

Graffiti is something special and it’s a form of art or expression that you probably would love or hate. Many applications are available on the internet nowadays which create amazing graphics and customise everything for business or private purposes. One such type of software is graffiti creator which allows you to make wonderful concepts from letterheads and logos to screensavers and background themes.

How to begin

Graffiti creator is available as a free or paid download for computers and mobile devices. Simply download the link and instructions will be given for you to save or open the file. There are simple buttons to get you going for your first creation from choosing a background and adding colours to labelling, paint spraying, and changing the fonts. You can add your own photo as well and start from there. Print and send a design to friends and family or use it as a background theme for albums, wallpaper or as a screen saver.

Limitations of free apps

Of course, with free graffiti creator apps on your screens, there are many limitations. You can’t do much more than making a short logo (there are restrictions in characters), adding colours and changing fonts. Plus, you can’t use these for commercial purposes other than your blogs or personal webpage.

In addition, the resolution of graffiti is meant for display on computer screens. Hence, if you want to print creations and designs for your business, you’re better off hiring a professional designer who can craft graphics with higher resolution fit for print media.

Where to find graffiti creator on the web

CNET offers download of graffiti creator and they are also available at apps stores for a minimal fee if you want them on your devices. IOS, Android, and Windows users can get them at the apps store. If you just want to see how graffiti drawings and photos would feel and look like, try graffiticreator.net and see if this is something appealing to you.

Creativity and fun

Graffiti creator is a great utility tool for exploring your creative self. It's a useful app to have on your computers and mobile devices. If nothing else, it’s a good past time sort of similar to doodling. Only in this case, you’ll get to explore lots of combinations, colours, fonts, and styles with a few clicks or flicks from your mice, track pads, or touch screens.

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