Grab The Amazon Kindle Student Discount: For a Cut Price Ebook Reader Bargain

Amazon’s Kindle ebook reader provides the convenience to browse newspapers, magazines, books and other digital media with ease. It is little surprise that ebook sales have now outstripped traditional paperback buying. And now, Amazon has made this more affordable for those still in education thanks to their kindle student discount.

The online retailer operates a concession scheme especially for  students who can use their National Union of Students Extra (NUS Extra) card. Those who are eligible by ownership of the card can get a useful 5% discount on a range of goods and services including books, music, MP3 downloads and much more. The discount is available to all relevant purchases once a discount code is inserted at the point of sale and runs for the whole academic year. Full details of the scheme are available from the Amazon website here:


To be eligible to purchase a reduced price kindle, student discount cards, the NUS Extra is available to persons over the age of 16 with no upper age limit. Applicants must be studying at an NUS-affiliated organization which includes schools, colleges and universities. Many other organisations such as the Open University and Home Learning College are included in the scheme.

A wealth of information about applying for the card can found at the NUS website. The site provides details of participating retailers and the savings that are available to card holders on their exclusive offers and discounts page. To learn more visit them at online at:


Thanks to Amazon and their kindle student discount opportunity, enjoying reading all your favourite books had never been more convenient or cheaper.

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