Governments Tax Google will get them in trouble

So, WebTwitcher hears the Tories have suggested what they're calling their "Tax Google" initiative. The service would see a search engine facility put in place, so taxpayers can find out where their hard earned cash is being spent. It will apparently allow the public to "follow their money".

All very well and good, and any initiative that makes the Government more transparent is highly welcomed, of course. However WebTwitcher would like to give a heads up from the web world to the Tories in advance - watch out for your use of the word Google.

The marketing gurus at the search engine giant are currently fretting the increasingly common use of the word Google as a term meaning "search the web". Which they don't like, oh no. See the very strict rules in their blog.

If you've not seen Ask.com's hilarious response to this, have a look at their post about Googling Yahoo on Ask.


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