Got your back(up)

Back up, back up, and give a brother room. The mantra of backing up is one most of us have never really learned - copy your whole My Documents folder to a CD once a month? Nooooot gonna happen - but nowadays cloud backup services like Carbonite make it painless and easy.

But what about data which doesn't live on your computer, but on the 'cloud'? A couple of weeks ago Google lost a slew of user's email accounts, and last month Flickr accidentally deleted a user's account. In both cases some hasty accessing of backup tapes got the data back, but it's a reminder that we're putting a lot of faith in companies like Google nowadays to not lose or corrupt our data.

What if you could back up that data, too? That's the tantalising offer made by Backupify. The service - free for a basic account - lets you add your various email and social media accounts - Gmail, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter are supported amongst others - and it'll back up your messages, photos etc into a searchable archive. Best of all, for most services you don't have to give them your password, just tell the service you're backing up that it's OK.

We've been using it for a few days and they're still backing up our Gmail - they're rather busy at the moment because of the Gmail crash last week - but from what we hear, longstanding users love it. And like we say, it's free for a basic account, which gives you a generous 20GB of storage.

So just go do it, yeah?

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