Got to pinch a penny or two

Despite its best efforts, internet shopping has so far failed to kill the high street. Indeed, it's supermarkets, rather than the likes of eBay and Amazon, who get most of the stick when local businesses close; and the continuing existence of Currys and PC World suggests that some people still buy TVs in shops rather than cheaper online, bizarre as that may seem.

Well, eBay hasn't given up. They want to make it easier than ever to go into a shop, choose something you like, then get it cheaper off the internet. Hence this new version 2.0 of the eBay iPhone app. It includes a nifty barcode scanner.

Just choose your printer/mouse/laptop/video game, photograph the barcode, and eBay ID's the product and shows you the auctions matching it. Before you know it, you've saved a few bob - and contributed to the slow demise of our public space. Woohoo!

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