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If you're scouring the web for the most shocking gossip, mind-boggling conspiracies, or scandal involving the most unexpected (?) sources, your first port of call should be without a doubt Guido Fawke's Blog. The outrageous and addictive musing are from a political mole whose blog posts, by his own description, entertain with "plots, rumours and conspiracy". Put Guido's RSS feed on your MIX and WebTwitcher assures you that you will be suitably shocked and scandalised by our beloved politicians' general behaviour. Not that I'm verifying the accuracy of all the posts, which would, of course, be libellous.

Following a similar, if somewhat tamer by comparison, theme, The Spectator is another good source for a wry eye on the world of politics. It too has a great RSS feed you can put on your MIX for daily satire.


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