Gordon Brown embraces the Twitter revolution

It looks like Gordon Brown has finally got with the program and embraced Web 2.0. The Prime Minister has had a blog for a few years, although it hasn't been updated in a while, as well as his own YouTube channel.

Now Gordon has set up his own flickr stream - the PM's views on the the addition of video on flickr are still unknown - and you can head over and see old Gordie hanging out with his NBFs Nick Sarkozy and Carla Bruni. But the event that's getting digital chins wagging is the PM's very own Twitter account.

Twitters can now sign up to follow Gordon's tweets from his current US junket. They cover topics as diverse as Iraq, US-UK relations, Darfur, meetings with Barack Obama and John McCain and what's being eaten for breakfast!

Unfortunately some of the updates have been as dull as dishwater: "PM has gone to meet Mayor Michael Bloomberg to discuss welfare and will then meet Wall Street bankers for a lunch meeting". You're losing me there Gordon...

By far the most interesting aspect of Downing Street's Twitter feed has been the interaction with the site's followers:

  • nuttycow: DowningStreet does your job solely consist of updating webby type things such as Twitter? If so, got any vacancies?

  • Downing Street: nuttycow currently Twitter, taking pictures for Flickr, news blogging, running around a lot, not eating. Still got half my muffin from 6am

  • nuttycow: DowningStreet busy busy. A muffin for brekkie? Whatever happened to Weetabix?

  • RichardKahuna: Tell Gordon he should ask the WS bankers to take him for a meatball sub lunch - it's a fantastic NYC treat

  • Downing Street: RichardKahuna, such suggestions are torture for your muffined correspondent

It's still not clear who exactly is updating Downing Street's Twitter feed and this has caused a bit of a stir. Whoever is updating the Gordon's Twitter has stated that, "This twitter feed is being run by the Prime Minister's Digital Communications team". And it's clear from the posts themselves that Gordon brown hasn't been tweeting himself - unless he's having a midlife existential crisis in the third person that is!

Brown's embrace of Web 2.0 , and Twitter in particular, seems to be in response to the Conservative leader David Cameron's web profile. Davey boy has a Bebo page, a Myspace page and, yes you've guessed it, multiple groups on Facebook, from the much talked about 'David Cameron is a hottie' to the less well known 'Stop David Cameron ... his lies make baby Jesus cry'.

Then there is also Webcameron which offers a video blog, a photo gallery and, if you've got a gap in your diary and you're looking for a walk on the wild side, you can access all of Dave's speeches!

Notably David Cameron's official web content performs a lot better than Gordon's in Google. By typing in 'David Cameron' you are met with three official sites. The same search using 'Gordon Brown' results in a rather unflattering YouTube video of the PM picking his nose!

But by employing the ex-head of LBC radio, Mark Flanagan, as the the chief of digital communications at Number 10, Gordon seems to have got one up on David in the Web 2.0 stakes. As slick as Webcameron is and as populist as the social networking giants are, Brown's embrace of Twitter in particular illustrates an internet savvy that is anything but conservative.

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