GoPro HERO3 Review

GoPro is a series of action-shot cameras used by extreme sports enthusiasts, stunt men and anyone looking to shoot some fast action. GoPro Hero3 is the latest addition to the series and comes with a range of new qualities and features, split into three additions: White, Black and Silver. Each addition comes with a different framerate and megapixel quality for different types of action shooting.


The GoPro Hero3 at a glance has:

  • 12 mega pixel sensor;
  • Support up to 640GB micro-SD card;
  • Optional touchscreen LCD and headphone jack;
  • WVGA, 720p, 960p, 1080p, 1440p, 2.7K, 2.7K Cin, 4K, 4K Cin video resolution;
  • 30fps at 11mp burst rate;
  • Up to 240fps shutter speed;
  • Li-ion 3.7v power supply with USB charge.


The GoPro Hero3 has a strong plastic housing to survive shock of fall and high pressures - a must have for any action camera. The buttons are larger than other models, allowing quicker and better operation in situations where fiddling isn't possible. The camera can be placed onto several different mounts and uses a hinge to lock it in place to avoid slips and falls.


The sensor and compression have been improved in terms of quality and resolution/chromatic aberration has been improved slightly compared to previous models. Although the white balance is also improved from previous models, it isn't quite right in auto focus mode but can be adjusted easily with other modes or by production editing. Some users have commented that the camera performs less well in dark situations and performs at optimum in good lighting, but the quality isn't compromised too much.

Prices and Comparison

GoPro Hero3 is priced at £360 and available from GoPro retail stores or online survival, outdoor and camping sites as well as Amazon. Because of the wide range of video frames available and additional resolutions offered, GoPro Hero3 is ideal as a light action camera and one of the leading devices on the market, offering more than other models priced at around £100 - £150.

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