Googlify? Spotle?

The Americans are ahead in so many things. They get films, consoles, games and iPads before we do. But there's one great technological thing we have that they don't: Spotify. Though it's going great guns in Europe, Spotify has never launched in the US, the problem apparently being getting the record companies to agree to royalty schemes which would still allow Spotify to make some money.

But Spotify aren't the only ones trying to start a music service. Google has the technology ready to start a 'cloud locker' music service where people would buy music and stream it to their Android phone. But they, too, are struggling to make a suitable deal - or, by all accounts, any deal - with the record companies.

So perhaps Google and Spotify should join forces, and increase their clout? That's what's now rumoured to be happening. 'According to a source with knowledge of the talks, Google has told the labels that it has begun discussions with Spotify in recent weeks, though no agreement is in place,' CNET reports.

But Spotify denies it, so could Google just be bluffing to play hardball with the record companies? That Eric Schmidt is a tough negotiator. We've no idea what's going on but, right now, we're just happy that Spotify exists over here. Now if only its iPhone app would start up a little quicker...

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