Google's other new baby

Hey, have you heard about Google's new social networking and photo sharing site it's launching? No, not Google+! Google's new Facebook killer may have racked up a whopping 20 million users in a couple of weeks (see previous story) but the big G isn't, it seems, stopping there. Impressively, if perhaps slightly oddly, it's also chosen this month to launch another social networking service, a photo-sharing site called Photovine.

Unlike Google+, which is all about sharing with particular people in your 'circles,' Photovine is about sharing with the world. So far, so Flickr, you might think, but there's a twist: Photovine is based around themes and your photos are automatically shared with people who've expressed an interest in a particular theme. It also looks like it's designed mostly for mobile.

Check out this cute and only occasionally disturbing intro video:

What do you think? Looks potentially addictive, but it could get a little overwhelming if a lot of people join. Still, it's good to know Google+ isn't eating up all the big G's capacity for innovation.

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