Googlephone mark 2

Google are confusing sometimes. They said for ages they wouldn't make a phone, instead letting manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung make phones using their operating system Android. Then, in late 2009, Google turned around and said there was going to be a 'Google Phone' after all, called the Nexus One; only, it wasn't actually going to be made by Google, but by HTC. Then Google killed the Nexus One not long after it was launched, turned its 'phone shop' webpage into a showcase for other Android phones, and seemed to give up on the idea of a Google phone altogether.

Until now. Because if Gizmodo's source is correct, the Nexus Two is about to be announced. It's not made by HTC this time, but by the hot smartphone manufacturer of the moment, Samsung, and it's based on their popular Galaxy S Android range.

It's packing a front-facing camera, another sign that the next version of Android might have video calling to compete with Apple's FaceTime. But otherwise, it looks like an evolution rather than a revolution of what's gone before in Android smartphones. Still, we don't reckon Google will put their name to it unless it's a fine, fine phone...

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