'Googlebook' launching Tuesday - probably

For a lot of people, when you think of the internet, you think of Google. Click your browser icon, and there it is. Type a query into your address bar, and there Google is. Google=net.

So it's appropriate that to complement the netbook, we're about to get the Googlebook. Google have announced an event in San Francisco on Tuesday, and all the predictions are it'll be the launch of a Google-branded netbook.

Why on earth this sudden move into hardware, you ask? Well, it's not what it seems. Google aren't really launching a netbook as much as netbook software - its long-in-development Chrome OS operating system, designed to do for netbooks what Android does for phones and tablets (although no-one inside Google seems exactly sure where the boundaries are between them).

The Googlebook will really be made by someone else - Acer seems likely - and branded with the big 'G's name to give the system a splashy launch. It's a bit like what Google tried to do with the Nexus One android phone earlier this year.

Still, these details will be lost on the mainstream press, which will just report that Google have launched a laptop and suggest that it's part of its war with Apple in some way, which it isn't.

Obviously, you should hit up digitaledge just as soon as Tuesday evening rolls round to know what we know...

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