After the visual translation app WordLens came out for the iPhone a few weeks ago, US blogger Ezra Klein tweeted, 'When do we just admit that the iPhone has turned into the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?'

If the iPhone is the Hitchhiker's Guide - the magic robo-book that contained information on every planet and star in the galaxy, and lots of other nonsense - than Google would like its Android phones to be the Babel Fish.

The Fish, for those who don't study classic sci-fi, was an alien aquatic creature you put in your ear which translated all foreign and alien languages into your own. And now, your Android phone can kind-of do the same!

Seriously. We're actually not kidding. The latest version of the Google Translate app for Android contains a 'conversation mode'. Activate it, and what you say can be automatically translated into Spanish by the phone. And read out in Spanish. And then, what your conversation partner says in Spanish can be read out to you.

We're. Not. Kidding.

Here's a video if you don't believe us:

We look forward to hearing that Google's next app can fix us a cocktail...

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