Google Zeitgeist 2013 reveals most searched worldwide

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Internet search provider Google released list of most popular search terms as part of its 13th annual Google Zeitgeist report last Tuesday.

Amongst celebrities, most searched people were actors Paul Walker and Cory Monteith and South African leader and world icon Nelson Mandela, all of whom died during 2013.

Google did not detail the number of searches per person, but according to its report Walker, Monteith and Mandela were at the top of the 10 most searched terms on Google in 2013 worldwide. Following them were the iPhone 5s, Harlem Shake, Boston Marathon, Royal Baby, Samsung Galaxy s4, PlayStation 4 and North Korea.

For what concerns specific countries, Miley Cyrus came up as the most-searched person on Google this past year in the US. She was followed by Kim Kardashian, Drake, Beyonce Knowles, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Kanye West, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift.

As a follow up to pop singer Cyrus' popularity and her controversial stage acts, twerking came first on Google's list of the trends searched by Britons on Google in 2013. The search phrase 'what is twerking?' shoot right at the top of the UK list of searches in the annual Zeitgeist.

The list revealed that the country was also trying to find out about fitness craze Zumba and what exactly "YOLO" means. Walker was top of general search list in the UK as well, followed by iPhone 5S and the royal baby.

The annual report also revealed the most commonly asked questions in the country in 2013. These included "how to lose weight", "how to get a flat stomach" and "how to dip dye hair".

Amongst the most googled celebrities were of course Kim Kardashian, One Direction, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Kate Middleton and Taylor Swift. But the seventh place surprisingly went to British journalist Martin Lewis, whose Money Saving Expert site dispenses financial advice.

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