Google Zeitgeist 2008 list released

Google has released the results of the 2008 Year End Google Zeitgeist, i.e. the most googled terms on the world's No 1 search engine over the last year. The zeitgeist site allows users to browse through the results from different countries to see what people were searching for in 2008.

Sarah Palin comes out on top of the global list for the fastest rising search term, a top ten which also features the Jonas Brothers! In the UK the BBC iPlayer claimed top spot in the same category with Facebook, iPhone, YouTube, Yahoo Mail, the Large Hadron Collider and Barack Obama all making a strong showing.

Gordon Brown was the most searched for politician followed by David Cameron and again Barack Obama. The Google Zeitgeist list is fast becoming a must for retailers and even political strategists when they want to test public opinion.

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