Google TV?

Google is looking at yet another way of expanding the tentacles of its world-crushing empire even further, bringing closer its ultimate goal of having its oily appendages sliding through your ears and into that soft juicy brain of you and your children. Just you wait, your complacency will be the death of all of you...

Anyway, its next step is to stream full-length telly programmes through YouTube, which would put it up against BBC iPlayer, Channel 4 OD and ITV Player, as well as existing on iTunes and Amazon. There is one problem that is about to rear its ugly head however, and that is the matter of payment, as Google envisages charging for the service. Good luck with that.

Apparently Google is in talks with various TV companies about the form their service will take, with Google preferring to stream rather than offer downloads, and with the TV people saying they’d want the same amount of money regardless. Once the financial haggling gets done with, we’ll no doubt be able to tell you more, but for now it’s more speculation in the wind.

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