Google to launch new music service

News coming out of Israel has suggested that Google will be launching a music service before the end of the year, hereby confirming the company’s intention to weave its way into every single section of your life, until we are no longer able to do anything with the help or tacit approval of an internet search engine. It truly is end of days, people.

In an interview with Israeli business daily Calcalist Android project manager Gauruv Jain said that ‘Google Music’ would be released alongside Android 3.0, which will be released in time for Christmas.

His quote has been translated to ‘Google will combine (a) music download service (with the) next version of Android launched for the US holiday season,’ although we don’t have any idea what form that will take. Most experts reckon it’ll be a direct rival to an cloud-based Apple effort, and will allow user to stream music directly to their mobile phones. We’ll soon see, eh?

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