Google threatens to leave China

Usually DigitalEdge is full of all the latest, most exciting tech and video game news, with all kinds of blockbuster games, trailers and whizzy gadgets getting the treatment. However, every now and again we need to deal with more serious matters, like the deeply tragic Twitter Murder from yesterday, and today Google’s decision to stop filtering Google.cn, the search engine’s Chinese version.

Google has been taking stick for its allowance of the Chinese government to filter search results (the classic being the different results you get for Tiananmen Square between Google.com and Google.cn), and has now decided to stop filtering searches, and may even pull out of China altogether. The possible move has come after Gmail was attacked by persons unknown in a bid to access accounts of prominent human rights activists. Two accounts were hacked and several more were attacked through malware or phishing schemes to gain passwords.

Google says they are going to talk to the Chinese government about whether it would be feasible to have a legal and unfiltered search engine in the country, and if not they will close the site and maybe leave the country. What do readers think the chance of that happening are, hmm?

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