Google Street View not in breach of the Data Protection Act

Google Street View has been given the green light by the Information Commissioner's Office who decided that the controversial photo-mapping website is not in breach of the Data Protection Act.

Despite giving Google the green light for its service the Information Commissioner's Office said it will monitor the speed of the web giant's response to user complaints. There have been hundreds of complaints since the launch of Street View in March 2009 for 25 cities and towns in the UK.

A spokesperson for the ICO spoke about the verdict earlier today: "Watch the TV news any day this week and you will see people walking past reporters in the street. In the same way, there is no law against anyone taking pictures of people in the street as long as the person using the camera is not harassing people."

The statement continued: "Google Street View does not contravene the Data Protection Act and, in any case, it is not in the public interest to turn the digital clock back. In a world where many people tweet, Facebook and blog, it is important to take a common sense approach towards Street View and the relatively limited privacy intrusion it may cause."

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