Google Street View gets pimped

By now everyone knows about Google Street View, the internet giant's attempt to photo the entire planet as part of their Google Maps project. So far there have been some interesting results from drug deals to girls flashing their boobs, but things have reached another level in Sampsonia Street Pittsburgh.

Two performance artists, Robin Hewlett and Ben Kinsley, convinced Google to let them set up a number of strange scenarios just as the Google Car was taking snaps of Sampsonia Street. Google users are treated to a pimped version of Street View complete with marching band, someone dressed as a giant ham, some sword fighting and a giant chicken.

Hopefully the scenes in Pittsburgh are just the start of a new trend on Google Street View which will see performance artists get competitive and keep trying to outdo each other. Can we suggest the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters?

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