Google sneaks onto Windows Phone 7

We remember a time when there were mobile phone manufacturers, and there were internet giants, and never the twain would meet. But now, it seems, everyone's doing everything. Google makes Android, the sort-of-open-source operating system, and Microsoft is offering Windows Phone 7.

So what? Well, it means a mini-war over search. On your PC, Google's Chrome browser naturally searches Google by default, but you can change to Microsoft's Bing if you prefer. Equally, Internet Explorer defaults to Bing, but you can switch to Google.

The same applies on Apple's iPhone, which lets you choose between Google or Bing.

But Android phones are generally pretty locked to Google - and when Microsoft released Windows Phone 7 recently, it became clear they'd retaliated, locking the search function in the browser to Bing.

The result? A daft proxy war. Microsoft has already released a Bing application for Android, so Bing-lovers can skip the inbuilt search and use a special app instead. And now, Google has released an app for WP7, so Bing-haters can get their Google fix. But both mean exiting the browser and opening a new app to search, which is a pest.

Come on, lads! Think of the users. Why not make peace and let us decide?

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