Google search tricks and tips

Most internet users understand how the web works through Google but they maybe don't know exactly how to get the most out of the world's most popular search engine. The following Google search tricks and tips will help you get the answers you're looking for quicker so your browsing experience should be much improved.

Google tips

Did you know that rather than visiting dictionary com, you can use Google to define a word? Just type "define:" followed by the word and you'll get a definition from Google.

Searching for quotes

If you're got some song lyrics running around your head and you want to use Google to work out who wrote them, you will probably get a whole list of random sites pop up when you put the song's words into Google. To correct this and get the answer you're looking for, put the quote into speech marks.


When the internet began it was seen as an online library for the world's knowledge. That was until companies realised they could use it to sell their products to us. If you're interested in purchasing an item but you have a budget to stick within, type the items name followed by the first price amount followed by two dots and then the second price (for example iphone 4s £200..£300).


This is one of the Google search tricks and tips that help you find an answer you might not think to use Google for. Rather than opening up an Excel workbook to figure out an equation, why not type it into Google? Inputting something like "30% of 200" will give you the answer immediately.

Other tips

There are lots of other Google search tricks and tips that are worth investigating including currency conversions, search by file type, the facility to search within a specific website and the ability to extract typical words from typical search results (useful if you're after a recipe but have food allergies for example).

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