Google release Map Maker

On Monday Google released a new online tool, Map Maker, which lets users add features to unchartered territory on its service Google Maps. The idea is for users to become amateur cartographers and help to fill in some of the blanks on Google Maps.

There are a number of countries and regions on Google Maps which are crying out for someone to unleash their inner Ptolemy, including Cyprus, Iceland, Pakistan, Vietnam and the Caribbean islands. You can use trace tools to mark roads and rivers are just randomly add a list of preprogrammed features to any of the empty maps.

Undoubtedly many amateur cartographers will take the project very seriously but Google Map Maker would also appear to give a lot of scope to mischief makers as it lets you play god with the unchartered terrain. So expect to see shopping centres popping up on glaciers in Iceland as well as office supplies stores appearing out of nowhere in the tropical forests of Vietnam in the very near future.

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