The Best Google Reader alternatives

There are a number of Google Reader alternatives available online but which of these can substitute for the clean and efficient offering from Google? We take you through three top class readers that are just as efficient and some are even available in your hand on your mobile device. This way you can access all your RSS feeds in a seamless manner even while on the go.

Trial and Error

While there is no doubting that Google Reader is an excellent service, the news of its closure has no doubt panicked you a bit. Fear not, we have done our homework on three fantastic Google Reader alternatives that will mean you are no longer pining for the familiar Google layout.

NewsBlur is a neat and good looking reader that you can use on your mobile devices as well as in your web browser. Go ahead and try the free version before committing to the NewsBlur premium account for $24 a year. The free account offers you access to a maximum of 64 sites but you can only view 10 stories at one time.

If you prefer to go retro then why not check out The Old Reader. It is set up like the old version of Google reader and it allows you to browse through your personal content while also enabling you to share content with friends. The Old Reader are currently developing an app so they can take your feeds mobile.

Feedly offers a beautiful interface for your content and you can organise your top news websites and blogs in one place. This content is then accessible on the web as well as on iOS and Android operating systems.The apps magazine style layout is particularly impressive and your content displays in a colour slideshow for quick skimming.

If none of these three options are doing anything for you then maybe your Google withdrawal symptoms are just too important to ignore. In that case, why now check out Google Currents, a mobile app that allows you to collate all your favourite content into a magazine format. Simply swipe through your content on your smartphone and you'll quickly forget all about Google Reader.

Same Same but Different

Just make sure that you make up your mind about which one of these Google Reader alternatives you will be switching to before Google Reader shuts down for good on July 1. This way you can export your RSS feeds, the way you have them set up on Google Reader, to your new service and you can continue reading the information that you most want without any disruption.

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