Google phone 'a certainty'

Yet more internet speculation has belched out the rumour that the Google phone is a ‘certainty’, with a ‘trusted source who’s seen it with their own eyes’ telling gadget website titans Gizmodo that it is definitely happening. Not only that, but it’s not going to be another Android handset; it’s a going to be a Google-branded piece of hardware running a brand new version of Android (definitely not Chrome OS, apparently).

According to the source, prototypes are going to arrive in their droves at Google’s Mountain View campus for the team to prod and poke about with, and they will be fitted with large LCD screens. Another little tasty morsel is that someone said to their source that the current Android isn’t the real one. Which is an intriguing thing to say about a recently released system. What are Google up to?

This all runs counter to what Google said publically in October, when Andy Rubin, their VP of engineering, made it clear that there would be no Google handset. Turns out he was a big bad liar. Maybe.

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