Google ordered to hand over YouTube information

Google has been ordered to hand over the personal details of the 100m people who have viewed videos on YouTube as part of a court case brought by US broadcasting company Viacom. The information includes email accounts, internet addresses and viewing histories.

Viacom is suing Google, which bought YouTube in 2006, for $1bn over claims of breach of copyright on the video sharing website. The presiding judge, Louis Stanton, ruled that Viacom needed the data in order to build its case.

While a large number of broadcasters have embraced YouTube as a means to promote new programs, the site has an estimated 72m users in the US alone, many rival companies have claimed that YouTube fosters internet piracy by allowing users to freely upload copyrighted material. Google introduced series of measures to counteract piracy on YouTube but Viacom claims that they aren't effective enough.

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