Google Nexus 4 review

We anxiously look forward to own some smartphones only to feel disappointed when we actually buy and use them. Other times we can’t wait to buy a smartphone and when we finally buy it we are thrilled to have bought the device. The Google Nexus 4 smartphone is one of the rare devices that falls in the latter category of phones. It offers remarkable Google experience that will blow most users away. But, is the Nexus 4 really worth all the hype it has generated since its release? We look at its design and headline features to try and answer the question.

Nexus 4 design

At first look, the Google Nexus 4 looks like a copy of the smashing Samsung Galaxy Nexus. However, there are some distinct design features that set the Nexus 4 apart from the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Out of the box, you will most likely think the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is pretty nice. But, when you look at the Google Nexus 4 for the first time you will think: “Woh, this is really beautiful!”

At 133.9 x 68.7 x 9.1 mm, the Nexus 4 is not the smallest or lightest handset in the market. However, it is far more stunning to hold and look at than most smartphones out there. It has a glass in piano front that is quite attractive. Apart from being appealing to the eye, the corning Gorilla Glass 2 design that is set within a dull chrome bezel adds extra toughness that is appreciated by many users.

Google Nexus 4 headline features

The Google Nexus 4 boasts class-leading specification with impressive features like an amazing 8MP, 360 degrees Photo Sphere camera, 8GB or 16GB internal storage option, 2GB of RAM and powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4 Pro processor.

Other noteable features include a crisp 1280-by-768p, 4.7-inch display you can record stunning HD videos on, Google Play library for your listening pleasure and top-of-the-range Android 4.2 trace-to-type keyboard that allows you to compose SMS texts and e-mails in a snap by simply gliding your finger over the letters.

Bottom line

While the Google Nexus 4 is easily the snappiest Android smartphone in the market with some of the most powerful mobile software yet, it is also easily one of the most frustrating or even annoying high-end smartphone in the market. The Nexus 4 lacks a usable LTE radio, does not feature a microSD card slot and comes with a non-removable battery. You will need to modify the device’s settings to use LTE Band 4 (AWS). Make no mistake, though. The Nexus 4 is a premium handset.

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