Google Me Vs Facebook

Founding member of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg (he was only born in 1984, you know), recently said he expects his lovely little website to have a magical 1 billion users soon. This means that 1 in every 7 people on Planet Earth will be on there. Whether he’s right or not, Facebook is hugely successful, and where there’s huge success on the web there’s huge money to made and so Google have decided they want a piece of his money making pie.

Sadly for Google they can’t afford to buy Facebook so instead, rumour has it, they are to venture into the social networking market with a new service called Google Me. Over the weekend Kevin Rose (founder of Digg.com) sent the tweet; ‘Ok, umm, huge rumour: Google to launch facebook competitor very soon ‘Google Me’, very credible source.’

Google already has a monopoly of the web search engine market and are committed to extending their dominance with the recently launched Google Wave and Google Buzz. But will they be as successful in the money-generating social networking scene? Only time will tell.

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