Google Me is still happening (but it's called Google +1)

You might recall that a few months back, the internet was all a-quiver about the coming release of Google's 'Facebook killer' social network, to be dubbed 'Google Me.' But then Google CEO Eric Schmidt seemed to pooh-pooh the idea, saying Google's social efforts would be 'not a social network' in the conventional sense, but a 'social layer' added to its existing products, which sounded a bit meh.

But! According to Silicon Valley blog Techcrunch, Google Me is definitely happening, and sounds possibly quite interesting. And it's now going to be called 'Google +1.'

Apparently it's not going to try to rival Facebook for the sharing of statuses and photos, but focus on the 'social web' aspects of social networking, letting people easily share things they find on the web. This would make sense, as it would fit more easily with Google's core search business. It'll probably be built into Google's Chrome browser - and, presumably, the upcoming Chrome OS - and maybe also come as a plug-in for other browsers.

Myspace may have all but given up the ghost, but the social network wars aren't over yet...

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