Google launches virtual world Google Lively

Yesterday Google launched Google Lively, the internet giant's take on web-based virtual worlds such as Linden Lab's Second Life. But unlike other virtual worlds, Lively, doesn't require the user to download new software, instead it is integrated with the internet.

Integration with the net allows the user to import their photos into their Lively house, watch YouTube videos on their virtual telly, as well as embedding their Lively world into their blog, Facebook and Myspace pages using Google widgets. The main idea behind the project is to provide a new social dimension to online interaction that goes beyond simple emoticons.

Users create their own avatars who are able to interact with other Lively users. You can also create a number of different online spaces to meet with other Liveliers including rooms, fields and desert islands. Will it be enough to challenge Second Life? Only time will tell.

Lively by Google

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