Google launches social networking tool Friend Connect

On Monday Google announced details of a new set of tools called Friend Connect which will enable website owners to add social features such as user registration, message posting and invitations to view content, without any programming.

Friend Connect utilises existing open data tools like OpenID, OAuth, OpenSocial, as well as proprietary APIs used in Facebook and MySpace and will allow for third-party data transfer.

The announcement follows the unveiling of Myspace's plans to introduce third-party data transfer and Facebook's plans for Facebook Connect, yet another third-party transfer initiative. Both moves will make it easier for users to share social data across different websites.

What does this all mean though for Joe Facebook or Mary Myspace? Well it will make life a lot easier. Basically if a website you sign up to is part of Friend Connect you'll be able to choose to import your friend's list from other networks that you are a part of, e.g. Facebook, Google Talk etc. Your friends will instantly show up without you having to waste time randomly searching for them.

Again Google look to have stolen a march on their rivals as Friend Connect is set to become the central station for all of this data transfer traffic.

Adding Google Friend Connect

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