Google image search upgraded

Google has decided to funk up its tired old images display in the easiest way possible; stealing it from a rival, safe in the knowledge that most people will see their version first, so who cares? Clever stuff, Google, you’ve got to love your style.

As you can see, their new image display (which is being rolled out as we speak, so be patient, image search fans) is more or less the same as Bing’s version, which is about a year old. Intellectual property right that, Microsoft! Google’s all up in your face, stealing your stuff and not giving you any credit.

Anyway, the main difference is that you won’t have the image details underneath any more, unless you drag you mouse over it, freeing up space for more images. Speaking of which, the new system allows for up to 1,000 images on each page, making for an easier browsing experience, although Engadget said that result relevance isn’t great. Hopefully they’ll sort that out though and we can all enjoy all kinds of image-related fun.

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