Google helps with parental tech support

Ah, Christmas. Endless food, disappointing presents - and helping your parents with their endless tech queries. What's that, Mum? You hid your start bar six months ago with a quick accidental flick of the mouse, and haven't seen it since?

Ho hum. But, hooray! Because help is at hand. The cheeky chaps at Google, known for their unashamedly geeky enthusiasm for technology, have decided to help the nerds of the world help their parents use their computers. Hence, the 'Teach Parents Tech' series.

The page itself lets you construct a specially-made 'care package' to send your parents carefully-selected videos featuring Google employees showing your folks how to do simple tasks, like copy-and-paste or changing their wallpaper. But it's easier really to just have a look at the videos on YouTube. Like this one:

Hopefully they'll do one for 'how to use your child's Amazon Wish List to choose presents...'

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