Are you Ready for Google Glass?

Every now and again, a piece of technology comes along that changes the world as we know it. Could Google Glass be the next such product? It certainly has captured the imagination of people around the world through Google's highly successful promotion of their next generation product. Lets run through what owning Google Glass would mean for you.

Groundbreaking Technology

Google Glass promises a huge amount in terms of life changing power. Imagine having a device that can do a lot of what your smartphone can do but without having to carry it around in your pocket and take it out everytime you want to use it. Instead, Google Glass is as comfortable as a pair of spectacles and it is awaiting your every command through the latest in voice recognition technology.

Google Glass comes with a 640 x 360 display which will appear much larger as it is placed right in fron to fyour eye. It boasts a 5 megapixel camera with 720p High Definition video recording, audio relayed through bone conduction and 16 GB of storage. Extra storage will be also be available through Google Drive to supplement this 16GB. The battery will match any high end smart phone on the market today with Google claiming it will last almost 24 hours provided you are not using excessive energy sapping applications such as Google Hangouts for prolonged periods of time.

Google Glass is also 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled meaning you can connect to a multitude of devices with great ease. Google have also green lighted developers to begin creating apps that will enhance the Glass experience. These apps will be stored on the cloud rather than eating into the 16GB storage on board. Voice commands are simple in nature and begin with a very natural "Ok glass" followed by requests like "Take a Picture" and "Send a Message to...".

Get Your Google Glass

The first generation of Google Glass will be an exclusive affair with Google Glass Explorer Editions having shipped to 2000 enthusiasts for around the £950 mark. These explorers are already putting Glass through its paces before the product is ready to be mass marketed. Google plan to make the final product available to customers at less than £950 but the price is yet to be finalised. Watch this space though, you'll want your very own Google Glass, trust us.

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