Google Glass: what does it do?

If you'd like to find out about Google Glass and what does it do for its user, you should you're in the right place. This is the sort of device that's only been dreamed of or seen in sci-fi movies and it's amazing that Google rather than Microsoft or Apple has brought it to the world.


Think about the sort of technology that we all carry around nowadays in our mobile phones. It's pretty amazing stuff, especially for those who can remember the days of having to find a clear signal and short battery life. Well, now Google has designed a pair of glasses with all the functionality of a smartphone.

Google Glass: what does it do?

The major feature of Google Glass is the ability to use its functions hands-free through voice commands. With a word, the glasses will begin recording exactly what you're seeing. Imagine how much better it must be to record what you're seeing without having to fiddle around in your pocket for your smartphone and watch the scene through the phone's screen.

Texts and Emails

With Google Glass you can respond to texts and Emails with voice commands. You could be cycling while you write an Email or mountain climbing when you reply to a text message.

Web browsing

As you'd imagine from a device made by the people who bring us the most popular browser in the world, you can access the web very easily from this device. If you ask a question, it'll search Google for an answer.

Google Maps

As you'd expect, this is a fully featured device that takes advantage of all of Google's programs, so Google Maps can chart your journey or look up locations.

The verdict

Now you know about Google Glass and know what does it do that other devices can't do, we bet you can't wait to get your hands on one. You'll need deep pockets because it'll cost you more than £1,000 at the moment and we can't see there being too many second-hand ones on the market for a long time because users are falling in love with it.

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